How to Make your own Ghee

The benefits of Ghee in your life…
♥ Aids digestion
♥ Stimulates the secretion of stomach acids, which aids digestion & assimilation of nutrients (vitamins & minerals).
♥ Good for learning & memory.
♥ Is rich in Antioxidants
♥ Nourishes all 7 tissues of the body
♥ Strengthens the bodies immune system
♥ Has a high concentration of Butyric acid, a fatty acid that conatins anti-viral properties and is believed to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours!
♥ Balancing for the nervous system which creates warm, happy, wholesome, loving, good thoughts feelings and emotions.

AND… you can make it yourself at home which add’s the special ingredient of LOVE into your diet!

Watch this little video to learn how to make your own Wholesome batch of Ghee!  Yum!