Why having a good ‘bottom’ is an attractive physical feature… my thoughts!

In a world of levi jeans, yoga tights, brazilian bikinis and bum-hugging cut-off denim shorts, it is a fairly well known fact (my observation & un-researched assumption) that having a tight, perky, round, well defined and nicely toned ‘but’ is deemed by the majority of the human race to be an attractive physical feature for one to behold on their be-hind! :)

Whether you like a but that is small, round or large ~ the unspoken assumption is that a nice but is a sign of something good! (On an instinctual level!)

So, it may seem totally off topic and strange that I’m writing about ‘buts’ on my wholesome – ayurveda health and lifestyle blog. You might be wondering if you clicked on the wrong link… :) even as I use the word ‘but’ while I write this I feel it’s a bit off character… there is a very poignant reason that I write about this though… this topic of attractive bottoms, behinds, bums, buts!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you will know that digestion and health are two things that I write about, talk about and post about a-lot! As an Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle Coach + Yoga teacher, the topic of digestion is one of my weak spots. As in, when I start to explore an area of the body related to digestive health, nutrition, the mind or the nervous system – I get just a tad excited, curious and passionate! My eyeballs enlarge, my heart starts to skip and my neural pathways start firing in curious fascinating, interest and hunger to understand the topic deeper. So you get it. I’m nerdy-digestion forensic-passionate about how the body works, the miracle of its energy and learning to care, love and look after our precious bodies in the best ways possible. :)

Back to the buts… (no pun intended!)

As humans its fair to say, a toned healthy bum is an attractive physical feature! 

We often look at our own bum, sum up its status/tone/appearance in our tight jeans and we look at other people’s bums too… without even knowing it!

In Ayurvedic medicine and most health systems it is well known that in order to have a healthy body and feel great – we must have a healthy digestive system and in turn, healthy bowels. This means that when you eat your appetite is clear and strong, your are satisfied after a meal, you know when your full, the food breaks down efficiently and provides you with energy and at the other end… you have a good poop!

Poo, passing stoole, going to the bathroom to empty your bowels. This is important for health and a sign of proper nourishment and healthy tissues.

In order to have good poo – you must have a healthy digestive system and your bowels need to be well lubricated, toned and relaxed. 

Poo is essential for health and though it is often a ‘dirty’ thing to talk about in public, it is vital to understand what a good poo looks like. See my ‘good-poo’ indicators listed at the bottom.)

What you may not know is that your mouth and your bum (as in your actual anatomical bum-your anus) are connected. The digestive system starts at your mouth and with your tongue and travels all the way down your body as one open channel that ends at your bottom. The health of your mouth and the health of your bum are related due to this connection.

My hypothesis is that as humans we seek health and longevity. We are instinctually attracted to people, places, ways of living that we see will allow us to eventually find a parter and procreate. We want to procreate with a healthy mate, someone who is vital, intelligent, fit and well. We are programmed for this. On an unconscious level we are looking for someone with a healthy digestive system, someone who is fit and healthy, which means we are looking for someone who has good poop – as strange as that sounds! :)

Obviously we can’t (and wouldn’t want to) take a close look at the actual ‘anatomical-bum’ of a prospective husband, wife or partner! What nature perhaps gives us as a gage though is the outward physical appearance of the buttocks – which brings us back to the beginning of my thoughts on ‘why we as humans are attracted to good bums and how this relates to having good bowel health.

This means that there may be more reason to take interest in having healthy, toned, sexy ‘buttocks’ than just superficial outward appearance. Having a good bum generally means that you are moving your body through regular exercise, that your drinking adequate water to flush toxins from your cells, that your muscles are toned and that you have good blood flow and circulation and that you have strength in your body and are connected to your power. Louise Hay say’s that the buttocks are “the seat of your power” on a metaphysical level.

I don’t so much care about wearing tight, bum-hugging cut off short denim shorts… having a healthy, well toned, happy digestive system and bowels – I do care about though.

Sometimes a shift of perspective and the inspiration that comes from getting nerdy and creative about the link between healthy digestion and human behaviour… can offer something new to ponder next time you see a pair of tight shorts, levi jeans or brazillian bikinis on the beach.

As always, beauty starts from the inside ~ out!

These are my top 3 signs of having healthy bowels via health poo:

  • regular bowel movements at least once a day first thing in the morning before eating brekky. (Constipation is considered to be going longer than 1 day without a bowel movement.) 
  • easy and comfortable to pass (no pain, pushing, discomfort, sitting on the toilet for hours…it ought to come easily and naturally.)
  • well formed; comes out as one piece, is not too sticky, hard, broken up or rough. We’re looking for smooth healthy toned bowels and this means smooth healthy – well formed poop! 

*(If you currently experience anything other than the above or feel you need to get your bowel health into check – I advise you to consult with a health professional to see how you can work with your diet, lifestyle and even the use of herbs to get things moving again! It is so vital.)

Enjoy moving that beautiful bum of yours!

To health and fantastic elimination!

x Lorien