Autumn Equinox

Since the first of March, according to the western calendar year, Summer was ‘officially’ over and Autumn had begun.

What!? Autumn! …It still feels like Summer!

On the first day of Autumn however, I found myself at the beach, taking respite in the cool waters of the ocean and enjoying the warm air ~ delicious fresh Papaya by the spoonful and long summer-love-story short, …it certainly STILL felt like Summer!

That is because the seasons don’t stop and start like a machine. Just like we don’t stop and start (when living in balance) like a machine. We are alive, breathing beings, organic in our true nature. Mother nature and her seasons are the same, really we are mini living manifestations of her divine creation. That is a whole other exciting ‘macrocosm’, ‘microcosm’ conversation though… Back to the seasons. Mother nature and her seasons are gradual and as such we must allow ourselves to gradually adapt during a seasonal juncture in order to rebalance to our new and changing environment as well as allow for our bodies and minds to cleanse from the previous season to create a clear fresh space that is appropriate for the current season that is beginning.

Autumn brings an increase in the air + ether elements, (Vata). 

As the cooler air and wind causes the leaves to dry and then fall to the ground. There is a ‘dryer’ and less humid quality to the air as we shift from the heat and moisture of summer to the slightly cooler movement, via wind of Autumn. The earth beginning to prepare for winter!

Seasons are so beautiful, they show us that everything grows, transforms, cycles and evolves… And for harmony to be maintained, this cycle and process must continue ~ year, after year, after year!

Change is what is always constant! It is a blessing and time of ritual and ceremony in many traditional cultures, where the people honour the sacred earth elements.

At all seasonal junctions through out the year, it is important to take extra care of yourself and to listen to your bodies needs as the environment around you shifts.

To balance your Vata, you must respond and adapt your lifestyle habits and routine to suit and harmonise with the changing environment around you.

You may find yourself eating less, eating lighter foods, warmer foods, more nourishing foods and even wearing different clothes as the climate changes, even just subtly.

The official Autumn Equinox 

Yesterday, the 21st of march marked the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Equinox meaning ‘equal’ light and dark. From yesterday onwards we will move from having more light and warmth in each day to slightly less as we glide into winter. The opposite is occurring in the northern hemisphere as they move towards the warmth and longer days.

Ayurvedic medicine places great significance on seasonal change as it is important that way have the tools and knowledge to align and re-balance during the various transitions and changes in life for the health of our body, mind and spirit, our optimum wellness.

Spices in the garden

3 Simple Lifestyle Tips for Seasonal Change you can do at home: 

My top #3 Ayurvedic Lifestyle tips for you to smoothly navigate and re-balanced during this seasonal juncture that we are in right now are…

#1 Make sure you give your body adequate rest, I’m talking 7-8 hours sleep each night so your body can rejuvenate and balance out during the night. (I went to bed at 9pm last night and it felt amazing!!!)

#2 Eat warm, light meals to give your digestion a little rest, think soups, kitchari, stewed fruit, steamed vegies… Warm and simple. This is also a great time to do a mini cleanse or soup/kitchari fast for 2-5 days. The best time of year for it! (I made a pot of Kitchari yesterday and have fasted on Kitchari and fresh Papaya during the day today, feels amazing and so great to have a little digestion re-set!)

#3 Drink warm water and warm herbal teas in place of cold drinks during the day, night and first thing in the morning to gently cleanse your digestive system, support your agni, (digestive fire) and ground your mind and body due to the relaxing and healing qualities of warm h20! (I carry a 1 litre thermal drink bottle with me everywhere, filled with warm water so it is easy for me to stay hydrated and drink warm water wherever I am. The best invention ever. Warm water really makes a difference!)

That’s it. Simple awareness of your body, mind, spirit and breath at all times in life ensures balance and harmony to reside within you and allows your bodies natural innate intelligence to shine, re-balance, heal and guide you on your journey inside and out.

Love your body and listen to it’s callings… 

Happy Autumn Equinox beautifuls!

With love and all things yummy and wholesome,

x Lorien

Change of Season: Welcoming Autumn


The first sunrise of Autumn.


Summer has delighted us with it’s warmth and now it’s time for a change…

Autumn has arrived, a season in Ayurveda that is governed by the air and ether elements, (Vata).

When we have a change of season there is naturally extra movement in the environment. Leaves start to fall, the wind might become stronger and the temperature becomes a little hotter or cooler.

These changes happen thanks to our friend, ‘Vata’ who looks after movement both in our bodies and outside in nature.

Wherever there is change, there is Vata.

Autumn season is naturally a ‘Vata’ predominant season. The qualities of Vata are cold, dry, rough, fast, mobile and changeable.

Autumn shares these same characteristics. It is easier for our skin to become drier, to be busy, to have irregular digestion and feel colder inside during this time. Since it is a change of season (Vata), that is moving into a ‘Vata’ season, we have a double up!

This means it could be a very creative time of year where it is easy to get a lot done, however it is extra important at this time to balance all the extra activity and change in the air with some balancing and grounding food and lifestye practices.

A good way to think about looking after the air and ether elements in your body is to treat this part of you with the same care, nurturing, kindness and love that you would give to a beautiful old lady! This sounds strange, however can be a very helpful way to approach your sensitive and magical ‘Vata’ intelligence.

Vata is fragile and loves softness, warmth, nourishment, love and kindness. Having cups of tea (herbal is preferable), warm home-made food, foot massages, listening to sweet music and having a routine throughout the day will all nourishing and support your body to be balanced and happy.

When there is a change in our physical environment, living situation, work, stage of life or season, we not only experience a transformation on the outside, but also on the inside.

Taking extra special care of your body during these periods of transition and looking after your inner sensitive nature can help to keep you grounded, stable and keep your channels flowing.

Some Simple Vata Balancing Lifestyle tips:

  •  Drink warm water throughout the day. This will ground the air element in your body and keep your body feeling soft, supple and your channels flowing.
  •  Find some routine, with regular meal times, a regular Yoga class or Chi Gong practice can be great for guiding your body through the change.
  •  Give yourself a massage at home (Abyhanga) 3-5 days a week with warm Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil to ground your mind, strengthen and nourish your tissues and support  your body during this time of change.
  • Aim to wake up by 6am, during the time of the morning when the air element (Vata) is dominant. The qualities in the environmenet at this time of day make it easy to have proper elimination of the wastes in your body, allowing you to feel calm and have clear channels.
  • Favour eating warm, light Vegie soups, Dhal’s, Kitchari and warmed Vegies. Vegetable’s like Pumpkin are great during this time of year and have a nice grounding effect on the body.
  • Spend time connecting to yourself. Journaling in a book, letting go of stagnant thoughts so that there is a clear space for new ideas and inspirations for the coming season.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, the seasons have so much to teach us about ourselves. Nature is a reflection on the macrocosmic level of what is inside of us on the microcosmic level.

Happy Autumn and sweet transitioning!

x Lorien