Thankyou Autumn & …a treat!

Well…. it is now the last day of Autumn.

What a beautiful season it has been!

Clear blue skies, sunny warm days, moody sunrises and expansive bursting sunsets… It has been, m a g i c a l !

Autumn is a season that assists with the transition between one extreme season to another. In Australia, the weather is pretty temperate all year round. Nonetheless, there is a big difference between the humid, balmy days of summer and the crisp, cool, fresh nights of winter.

Thank goodness for Autumn!

Without Autumn, we would be going from one very hot season to a very cold season (depending on where you are in the world), and this would come as a big shock to the body!

Mother nature is so intelligent and thoughtful… instead of giving us this extreme difference to adjust too, she gives us Autumn!

A season of transition.

As we transition through different seasons in the year, the body goes through subtle changes and shifts.

At the change of one season to another it’s a perfect time to give your digestive system a gentle cleanse.

A simple approach could be to simplify your meals for a week. Eat soup at night for 1 week instead of other heavier foods, to give your body a rest. Or if you are really keen, make a big batch of yummy Vegie soup and fast on that for 3-5 days depending on your body type to allow your organs to rest and rejuvenate in preparation for the coming season.

So, in thanking Autumn for her gentle beauty and gradual seasonal change from summer to winter… I have something special for you all!

A recipe that we made today at one of my Simple Nourishment Ayurvedic Wholefood cooking classes! :)

Ayurvedic, nut-free Besan Bindi Balls!

Go to the recipe here!

Happy transitioning. Happy nourishing. Happy self-loving and living!

You are a beautiful being! :)

x Love,


Saffron Warm Milk!

Warm Ayurvedic Milk with Saffron, Cinnamon & Fennel!

A super-charged, Ojas boosting , yummy, rejuvenating, warming, reproductive tissue-nourishing Ayurvedic drink!

Milk: Dairy milk can be very nourishing for the deeper tissues in the body, particularly the reproductive system. When using milk, consider it as being ‘medicine’.  This means that we want to honour the milk and take it with awareness and moderation.

A few tips to make your milk easier to digest:

  1. Always boil your milk. Milk is heavy and cool in nature and through the process of heating milk and consuming it while warm, we make the milk warmer, lighter and easier to digest. The process of heating milk also purified the milk, making it more potent and digestion friendly!
  2. Always use organic, un-homogenised Jersey milk where possible. The milk from Jersey cows is called ‘A2’ milk and this milk has been shown to be easier to digest than the milk that comes from ‘fresian’ cows, a different breed. In India, the cows that provide milk are Jersey cows. It is important to use un-homogenised milk as the process of homogenisation spins the fat particles so fast that they get dispersed and separated. When the body takes in this milk that has been altered, it doesn’t know what to do with it, as the particles don’t match up the way they ought too. This creates an inability for the body to digest the milk and can cause a range of upsets and intolerances to dairy.
  3. Add spices to make the milk easier to digest, improve your digestion and allow for proper nourishment to occur. Spices such as Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fennel and Saffron go wonderfully with milk and they taste and smell delicious!
  4. Drink as medicine and use in moderation. A warm milk before bed is wonderful simple remedy to calm and sooth the nervous system, nourish the tissues, rejuvenate the reproductive system and build up ‘Ojas’, which is like our ‘life-force’, essence, juice, glow, joy in life!

Art by: Devendra Sharma

Happy Spicing and boiling friends! :)

Feel free to write a message for any further questions on Milk!

(A comments section on the website shall be installed soon!) :)

x Love Lorien

Gratitude notes…


Gratitude for…

  • Clean, fresh air
  • My breathe
  • The earth I walk on
  • My body that moves me & allows me to dance!
  • The sunshine
  • The moonshine & stars
  • The beauty of sunrise & sunset
  • The Ocean
  • Beautiful Family & Friends
  • Nourishing Relationships (Self & special one in your life)
  • Work I love
  • Health, Energy and Vitality
  • My Parents & Grandparents
  • Clean water & Organic fresh wholesome food
  • The practice & wisdom of Yoga & Ayurveda
  • My teachers & my teachers, teachers!
  • All of the experiences in life that have led me to be where I am today.
  • Grateful for the gift of gratitude!

The practice of Gratitude daily, morning and evening before bed will inspire and uplift what is possible in life 100 fold!

Grateful for community.


x Lorien

One Year!

The month of January marks one year since this website was born!

It has been a colourful, adventurous, creative year where fresh opportunities, new connections, friendships, travels, growth, learning, study and sharing of the Wholesome Loving Goodness message has evolved, sprouted forth and expanded.

So grateful for such a fruit-full, nourishing, inspiring year!

Thankyou to the world-wide family out there who have encouraged and nurtured this growth.

We are very inspired for some fresh juicy goodness as we welcome our 2nd year of this organic wholesome loving space of inspiration.

Love love and love!!!

X Lorien


Listen to your heart, it always knows!

We have all heard the wise words, “Listen to your heart” as an offering of advice at times when we are feeling lost or stuck. Whether it’s from our favourite self-help book, healer, parent, friend or even our own voice within.

There is a reason why this somewhat cliche` message rings true, and continues to do so… timelessly, never going out of fashion. The heart never goes out of fashion.

To truly honour the message being spoken by the heart.To truly listen. To truly honour what is within, guiding and protecting us in our actions and important choices, we need to develop a relationship with ourselves that sets the foundation for being able to LISTEN, to respond… to tap into the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is waiting for us.

This is where life gets really exciting!

You may like to relate to your heart’s message as your intuition.

To me, a message from the heart is simple and clear. Ussually fairly direct and free from thoughts that arise in the mind.

The heart senses and perceives on very deep levels…. as we begin to honour and listen to its messages to us, our relationship with this knowingness deepens. As we honour this connection, the connection grows stronger.

The thread connecting us to our heart’s message goes from being one strand of cotton to a solid and durable rope that can support and be there during the roughest winds and seas.

It essentially comes back to what many self help books, parents, best friends and mentors may have said many a time…

The most important relationship to have is with yourself…

Before you can truly love another, you must love yourself.

If you are aligned and one with your own being. Your heart, your gut instinct and your minds creativity, then you are a whole complete being who can interact and engage with others and the world in a centred, whole and grounded way. This is power. This is love. Love for yourself and love for others.

The first day of Spring!

There is so much beauty within each season and cycle.

Spring in Ayurveda is about melting away the coolness and potential ‘heaviness’ of winter, (Kapha Dosha) in preparation for the intensity of Summer’s warmth!

During this time it can be very balancing to:

  • Eat slightly lighter foods such as warm Vegie Soups and Ayurvedic Kitchari (Rice & Dhal cooked together).
  • Give yourself a little extra rest.
  • Rub warm Sesame or Almond oil into the soles of your feet before bed.
  • Give yourself extra time and space to nourish and ground your body through activities such as Yoga and Chi-Gong/Tai Chi which assist in purifying the bodies energy centres ~ assisting in a smooth seasonal transition!

Spring is beautiful, warmth is in the air!

Happy Spring everyone!

Below is a photo of the first sunrise of Spring that I captured this morning as a momento!

x Love Lorien


Recipe: Golden Ayurvedic Besan Flour Breakfast Pancakes

Besan (chickpea flour) pancakes are a beautiful Ayurvedic meal that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Particularly grounding and yummy for a light breakfast.

Simple to make and a great source of protein to support and nourish your tissues, while being light and easy to digest. Perfect!

Simple Besan Flour Pancake Recipe:

Organic Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Besan Flour (Hint: …It looks yellow.)
  • 2.5 cups of filtered water
  • 1/2 a small Red Onion chopped finely
  • 1/2 tsp of Cumin seeds
  • 1/4 tsp of Himalayan good quality salt.
  • Some black pepper to taste
  • Ghee
  • A mixing bowl & wooden spoon.
  • A good quality stainless steel, cast iron or ‘healthy’ non-stick pan. (Important not to use teflon or poor quality as you will end up eating the toxic plastic or Aluminium which is not worth having for breakfast!)
  • Love!


  1. Take your mixing bowl and add the Besan flour. With your wooden spoon, smooth out any lumps and bumps in the flour as much as possible.
  2. Add your water and stir into a smooth batter.
  3. Add your Onion, Cumin, Salt & Pepper.
  4. Start heating your pan and add approx 1/2 tsp of Ghee.
  5. When the Ghee is warm, pour some of the mixture into the pan to create your first pancake. Yay! Let it cook until it bubbles around the edges and in the middle slightly, then flip it over.
  6. Cook until golden brown on both sides…
  7. Serve with some fresh greens, some Chutney or a side of steamed vegies for something more substantial.


Delicious, nutritious, QUICK, simple, yummy, healthy Besan Flour Ayurvedic Pancakes that the whole family will enjoy!

(Note: Add more water if needed to make your desired consistency. Coconut oil can be used as an alternative to Ghee, however has a different effect on the body and different taste. This recipe really lends itself to Ghee!)

Enjoy with love & gratitude!

x Lorien

 “Let thy food be thy medicine.”


Change of Season: Welcoming Autumn


The first sunrise of Autumn.


Summer has delighted us with it’s warmth and now it’s time for a change…

Autumn has arrived, a season in Ayurveda that is governed by the air and ether elements, (Vata).

When we have a change of season there is naturally extra movement in the environment. Leaves start to fall, the wind might become stronger and the temperature becomes a little hotter or cooler.

These changes happen thanks to our friend, ‘Vata’ who looks after movement both in our bodies and outside in nature.

Wherever there is change, there is Vata.

Autumn season is naturally a ‘Vata’ predominant season. The qualities of Vata are cold, dry, rough, fast, mobile and changeable.

Autumn shares these same characteristics. It is easier for our skin to become drier, to be busy, to have irregular digestion and feel colder inside during this time. Since it is a change of season (Vata), that is moving into a ‘Vata’ season, we have a double up!

This means it could be a very creative time of year where it is easy to get a lot done, however it is extra important at this time to balance all the extra activity and change in the air with some balancing and grounding food and lifestye practices.

A good way to think about looking after the air and ether elements in your body is to treat this part of you with the same care, nurturing, kindness and love that you would give to a beautiful old lady! This sounds strange, however can be a very helpful way to approach your sensitive and magical ‘Vata’ intelligence.

Vata is fragile and loves softness, warmth, nourishment, love and kindness. Having cups of tea (herbal is preferable), warm home-made food, foot massages, listening to sweet music and having a routine throughout the day will all nourishing and support your body to be balanced and happy.

When there is a change in our physical environment, living situation, work, stage of life or season, we not only experience a transformation on the outside, but also on the inside.

Taking extra special care of your body during these periods of transition and looking after your inner sensitive nature can help to keep you grounded, stable and keep your channels flowing.

Some Simple Vata Balancing Lifestyle tips:

  •  Drink warm water throughout the day. This will ground the air element in your body and keep your body feeling soft, supple and your channels flowing.
  •  Find some routine, with regular meal times, a regular Yoga class or Chi Gong practice can be great for guiding your body through the change.
  •  Give yourself a massage at home (Abyhanga) 3-5 days a week with warm Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil to ground your mind, strengthen and nourish your tissues and support  your body during this time of change.
  • Aim to wake up by 6am, during the time of the morning when the air element (Vata) is dominant. The qualities in the environmenet at this time of day make it easy to have proper elimination of the wastes in your body, allowing you to feel calm and have clear channels.
  • Favour eating warm, light Vegie soups, Dhal’s, Kitchari and warmed Vegies. Vegetable’s like Pumpkin are great during this time of year and have a nice grounding effect on the body.
  • Spend time connecting to yourself. Journaling in a book, letting go of stagnant thoughts so that there is a clear space for new ideas and inspirations for the coming season.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, the seasons have so much to teach us about ourselves. Nature is a reflection on the macrocosmic level of what is inside of us on the microcosmic level.

Happy Autumn and sweet transitioning!

x Lorien

Let’s talk about Juice! (…and Fasting!)

Juicing has been popular for years in the natural health and alternative medicine community. Juice fasting has been promoted as a way of cleansing toxins from the body, losing weight and improving health and wellbeing. Some people live purely on juice and nothing else.

Juices are becoming more and more popular with fresh juices being available in every major city and town, not just from alternative hippy loving health food cafe’s. You can get a juice almost anywhere. The world loves juice!

There is a great reason why juice is so popular and can make us feel so good.

When we drink juice it has a particularly nourishing effect on the plasma (rasa) tissue of the body. This means that it has a cleansing effect on our blood, lymphatic system and skin, giving us greater energy and vitality almost instantly as a result.

This is a wonderful thing. We all want to feel better, look better and live better. If we over do our juicing however, the body can start to become depleted and the natural juice ‘high’ starts become an over juiced energy ‘low’. The motivation behind ‘juice fasting’ is often to ‘detox’ and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

In Ayurvedic medicine, poor digestion and a build of toxins in the body is often due to the air element in the body (Vata) being out of balance, leading to undigested food mass, gas, bloating and feeling out of it.

To detox and improve digestion with this in mind, we must balance the air (Vata) element by having the opposite to cold, fresh, raw juices (which will only increase Vata) and instead choose to have warm, light, brothy vegetable soups for example. It’s a different way of viewing things and comes from a perspective of balancing elements and qualities to improve digestion, looking at the reason why things have gone pear shaped and treating the cause.

Balance is the key.

For some people, at certain times of their life, under certain circumstances and conditions juice fasting might prove to be the best medicine. For other’s juice fasting might be too depleting and a in the case of wanting to ‘detox’ to improve digestion, a few days on warm Vegie soups might be the best medicine!

To incorporate a Vegie juice or a fruit juice into your daily eating in a balanced way can be a wonderful way to build your blood (great for women particualry or those with Anaemia), get a boost of minerals and cleanse your body in a balanced and grounded way.

Ayurvedic wisdom reminds us that we are all unique. We must live, eat and drink in ways that are harmonious for ourselves as individuals. To find inner and outer balance we must respond to our own body and see what works for ourselves, rather than following what works for someone else.

So enjoy your juices with awareness and being in tune with your body and what it needs. Remembering that one man’s medicine is another man’s poison. We must learn to listen to our own bodies and trust that guidance with our food and life choices.

Ayurvedic Principles for Balanced Juicing:

  • Mix vegie with vegie & fruit with fruit.
  • Add ginger to balance the heavy, sweet qualities of juice.
  • Have a moderate amount, a small or medium sized cup will be plenty as it is so concentrated.
  • Allow 20 mins until eating or drinking something else, to give the digestive enzymes time to do their thing.
  • Go for Vegie juice as much as possible, the minerals in vegie juice are great for the blood and full of goodies your body will love. (My favourite!)
  • When having fruit juices, keep combinations simple. eg: Apple & Pear or Apple & Pineapple. This makes it easier for the body to digest.
  • Drink your juice mid-morning, when the sun is getting high in the sky. In Ayurveda the digestive fire is strongest in the middle of the day, so having something like a juice which is quite dense will be most effectively digested in the morning or close to lunch time.
  • Finally, love your juice and treat it like medicine. For women, having a Vegie juice with Beetroot around the time of menstruation can be a wonderful remedy for building the blood.
Enjoy & listen to your body! It’s all about balance and being in tune…
x Lorien

Gentle Ayurvedic Morning Cleanse

When we sleep at night our body eliminates toxins and brings them to the surface to be removed.

Often we wake up and automatically swallow the ‘gunk’ that is in the mouth rather than spit it out, as we want to sleep in or just don’t feel like getting up.

When we do this, we are swallowing toxic build up that our body thoughtfully brought to the surface over night to be released! Oh my, not so pleasant.

There are many ways to gently cleanse this build up out of the body. There are herbal preparations that can be taken as well as treatments.

The most effective and lasting way to prevent poor digestion and toxic build up from occuring is to adopt a ‘daily lifestyle practice’, known in Ayurvedic medicine as ‘Din-Acharya’, or daily routine.

3 Simple Tips for Cleansing Toxins and Mainting Balance Daily:

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and spit out the ‘gunk’ in your mouth that has accumulated during sleeping. Brush your teeth and scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper. (Copper tongue scrapers are found in most health food shops and are said to be the best as the copper conducts the toxins away from the tongue most effectively.) You will fall in love with tongue scraping!
  • Drink a cup of warm water with a squeeze of fresh Lemon juice, some Ginger grated or finely chopped and half a teaspoon of Raw Organic Honey. (Make sure the water is warm, not hot, as honey changes its structure when heated to high temperatures and can be poisonouse to the system. So make sure your water has cooled down and is warm when you add the honey.)
  • Give yourself time to move your body, go for a walk, do some Yoga, stretches or whatever your favorite activity may be. It is great to get outside and into nature first thing when the birds are still chirping and the sun is still rising. Exercising in the morning will flush your body and boost your digestive fire which will assist in the process of burning up any toxins that are built up in the channels. Follow your exercise with a swim or a shower to cleanse and refresh your body before you move onto having your breakfast.

Incorporating these practices  into your daily morning routine might take some initial organisation to fit the exercise into your schedule and get used to the idea of ‘scraping’ your tongue, however the benefits will be worth it. Trust me. Within a short amount of time you can expect to notice your breathe smelling sweeter, your appetite coming back to life and that your bowels are working much much better.

Making sure the elimination systems of the body are functioning properly is a vital ingredient to long-term health and wellbeing.

Cleaning the body regularly, on a daily basis in simple (yummy) ways is like making sure your space is clear (your body) so that it can do exactly what it knows to do and function in a state of balance and wellness.

To healthy, happy elimination!

x Lorien