A bowl FULL of LOVE. Guest Interview with Ayurvedic Chef Stephen Galpin

There are many ways to be of service in this world…

Some choose to serve in third world countries, contributing to the quality of life and love in communities that have limited resources.

Some serve their country, some feed the poor, some sacrifice their own wellbeing in protest for the environment, mother nature and the wellbeing of others.

There are so many ways to be of service, through our thoughts, words and actions every single day.

Drum-roll please… Make a warm cup of Tumeric Chai, grab your blankey and get cosy as we take some time with a true teacher of the spirit of service.

Chef Stephen Galpin, our Wholesome Loving Goodness featured guest this month, is of service through LOVE-FILLED food and wisdom.

Stephen’s cooking of delightful ~ spice, ghee, LOVE infused offerings have a way of transforming the ‘eater’ the ‘receiver’ of this truly divine cuisine.

This morning as I enjoyed a bowl of his amazing porridge for breakfast at the Mudita Ayurveda and Mindfulness retreat in Byron Bay that I work on each year, I was reminded of the power of porridge, the power of infusing LOVE into your cooking. I was so inspired that as soon as I finished the bowl of creamy, vanilla, saffron polenta I swiftly walked to my car, got my laptop, turned it on and began writing these words in honour and praise of this amazing Chef, teacher and master of devotional cooking.

About six months ago I did an interview with Stephen. I asked him some questions about the life of being an Ayurvedic chef, his inspiration, his perspective on this gorgeous food and offering of love that he shares. He graciously agreed to share this information with me, with you – the Wholesome Loving Goodness tribe!

In nature there is a divine timing for when a fruit is ripe, when a flower opens, when the rain falls and when the sun rises. This divine timing cannot be forced or controlled.

This interview has had it’s own divine timing.

The time has come, it is the spring of introducing you to this great master and teacher of  Ayurvedic cooking, spirituality, philosophy, culinary expertise & love.

I am delighted to introduce you to a teacher of devotion, spirit and service…

Stephen’s porridge is bowl-licking good!

How did you first come to discover Ayurvedic cooking and what was your inspiration to make this a big part of your journey?

I was introduced to Ayurveda through studies of yoga, there was no real inspiration it sort of just evolved. As I changed so did my approach to cooking and health.

What does it mean to prepare ‘Ayurvedic’ food to you and what sets this type of cooking apart from regular cooking practices?

To prepare Ayurvedic food is to approach your preparation and cooking with mindful awareness, giving full consideration to every step of the process and how the ingredients will interact enhance and balance each other,  how the finished dish will then affect those that are eating it. Consideration is given to stimulating the digestive fire or “Agni” through the subtle use of warming spices to prepare food that will not exaggerate any actions.

What is your favourite Ayurvedic spice, if you had to choose one and why?

Cardamon, I love the qualities, aroma and scent. I cant imagine a cup of tea without a pinch or two. :-)

Life is full of so much magic and beauty, what is it for you that bring’s the most joy each day?

Simplicity, I love just being.

If you could share one piece of kitchen advice with families around the world to inspire some wholesome loving cooking, what would it be?

Keep cooking for yourself and others, cooking is an act of loving kindness.

What are the key elements that make a difference in your daily life?

I like to be still and have time to contemplate, mainly I try to get through each day without upsetting anyone including myself. I always think at the end of each day whether I have achieved that and mostly I have so thats pretty cool.

Finally, if you had one wish for humanity and the world at this current time, what would it be?

Mutual love and respect. I think if we can all respect each others uniqueness and extend loving kindness towards each other. We all grow up differently reaching stepping stones in our own time, so if we can allow that growth to happen naturally and not try to control, govern or force to much.

Stephen has a beautiful Ayurvedic Cook Book with 88 Love-filled Recipes called ‘The Ayurvedic Kitchen’ that you can purchase from his website.

Connect with Stephen for inspiration and wisdom on the path of Ayurveda, cooking and love on his website & facebook page.

“Ecstasy is experienced through expansion. The ecstasy of food is waiting for you to dance & play with it, to get excited.
Allow that feeling to flow from within. When your cup is full, it will overflow! Let the pot catch it. This is the gift that nature’s abundance has to share when you take the time to get to know it.”  
~ Chef Stephen Galpin

Thankyou Stephen, such an honour to spend some time with you!

x Lorien