I’m a Proud Organic Representative of Miessence

What’s not to LOVE about the Miessence, Australian made range of Organic Skin Care, Personal Care + Super-food products?? …Not much!

They are pure, potent, delicious and …nutritious. What more could you ask for in a company and a range!

For over a decade I have been a proud supporter and independent representative of this gorgeous range. My mum’s good friend, Narelle is the formulator of these products and my mum and I have been using and sharing these products since the first food-grade non-toxic, certified organic toothpaste was out!

These products are made with heart and soul and serve you the consumer as well as looking after the planet and nature at the same time.

When it comes to what you put on your body and what you eat ~ Certified Organic really is the standard you want to be investing in and exposing your precious body too.

‘The nutrition we feed our skin is just as important for the health of our body as the food we eat!!’

Don’t just believe what I’m saying about this company and its range – go and see for yourself. The company is a great resource of information for learning and educating yourself about the world of skin care and organics.

If the idea of beautiful products, certified organic ingredients and giving back to the planet with each purpose you spend – tickles your fancy, then continue on and head over to my independent Miessence representative site to explore and taste some of what this stunning range has to offer…

—-> Shop the range here: Miessence shop 

Pssstt…. They just brought out a new Bio Fermented, Vegan, Complete Protein Powder! It is delicious! I love mixing it with the Organic Probiotic Inliven and Alkalising Deep Green powder each morning.

Explore the Superfoods I love to use and take every day myself…

—-> Find these wholesome Super-foods here: Miessence Superfoods 

{ Extra info: There is space for YOU to join me in my Miessence Organic Mission + Journey. Whether you are interested in simply being a customer or in enquiring about the opportunity to start your own Miessence organic independent business, I would love to support you. Send me an email for further information or to answer any important questions you may have about organics and this range: lorien@wholesomelovinggoodness.com }