Ayurveda – What you need to know about your honey!

Known in Ayurveda to be heating for the body, thus great for healing colds and boosting your immune system. It is important in Ayurvedic nutrition to not heat honey, never using it to cook or bake, and choosing to use it in your food, drinks, tea and porridge once your food or drink has cooled. Heating honey changes the chemical structure of this wonderful substance, so it’s important to keep it nice and cool as nature created it.

Honey is known to be poison when heated and a medicine when used properly & used un-heated.

Use organic Rapadura sugar, coconut sugar or palm sugar instead. Those sugars are unprocessed, high in nourishing minerals and vitamins and can handle being heated to high temperatures.

Enjoy your honey with intelligence & always purchase RAW honey, so that you can be guaranteed that it hasn’t been heat treated and still contains all the healing goodies it was created with!