Wellness Sessions

…Beauty, Vitality, Wellbeing, Peace, Calm, Balance, Harmony + Vibrant Health…

This can all be yours, for life!


Want to feel amazing in your body and live in alignment with your true nature!?

As a qualified Ayurvedic Food & Lifestyle consultant, whole food educator, transformation coach and Yoga teacher, I help you create a harmonious loving relationship with yourself; your body, your mind, your spirit and your life ~ for life!

…Sound like what you’ve been looking  for?



I am passionate about health, natural medicine, wholefoods, ancient wisdom, transformation and healing.

The way I work with my clients is simple, yet powerful. We will work on creating balance on each level of your being; physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Think of it like a mind/body/spirit shedding of all that is NOT you, so that who YOU trully are, can shine and fully come forth!

Results from working together: 

  • shedding of unwanted weight (I know the secret to weight loss, that doesn’t involve starving yourself or being paranoid about what you eat every moment of the day!) 
  • creating your dream work / family / lifestyle balance
  • improved fitness and energy levels through knowing when to exercise for your body and what type is best for you as an individual.
  • a new found ability to intuitively make healthy and wholesome food choices with ease! (No more stress at the grocery store or cafe!) 
  • a new found sense of self-worth
  • an improved relationship with yourself and those around you. You will start overflowing with whoesome goodness!
  • And, on top of all your personal benefits and improved health and vitality, you will also start to notice an improvement in productivity, creativity and focus in your work / profession! (We are holistic beings, so when we transform one area of life, it automatically uplevels all other areas at the same time! Magic isn’t it — I certainly think so! ) :)

As your transformational Ayurvedic health & lifestyle coach, I am here to support you in living your most wholesome juicy life! 


Transformational Wellness Sessions

During a 1:1 session we will go over your current food and lifestyle choices, habits and routines as well as a thorough look at your current health via tongue diagnosis, sound, disposition, mental clarity, emotional balance and energy levels. Based on what your currently dealing with and experincing, I will advice you of relevant food and lifestyle changes that need to be made to support your optimum health and wellbeing ~ moving you towards balance so you can live in alignment with your true nature, known as ‘Prakriti’.

Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype or in person.

  • 75min Session: $165.00
  • 45min Follow up Session: $90.00

Please email: lorien@wholesomelovinggoodness.com to enquire about sessions and to book.

With loads of wholesome love, I can’t wait to work with you! 


x Lorien


What my clients have to say after working with me: 

“I am a 70 year old woman who has been searching for a diet/lifestyle that will improve my digestive issues.
I have tried many approaches with varying degrees of success. In complete frustration I was lead to enquire about Ayurvedic principles, thinking that it would be too complex to implement into my busy life.
I was very fortunate to have Lorien as my consultant- a lovely young woman who obviously loves what she does, and has made it her business to SIMPLIFY it and make it ‘user friendly’, so much so that I was able to slowly start implementing  it the very next day. I felt the benefits immediately and within that first day, my stomach started to feel comfortable with the bloating subsiding remarkably.
I would highly recommend this simple approach and Lorien’s guide book, if you feel overwhelmed by the dietary choices that are out there in our world.
Thank you Lorien for all that you do.”
~ Toni C.

“I would recommend a consultation with Lorien to anyone who is interested in Ayurveda, or who is looking to further their knowledge and care for the mind, body and soul.”

~ Jasmin W.