My mission is to transform and inspire communities  kitchen by kitchen towards a path of food & lifestyle self-empowerment that will create a ripple effect on individuals, families, communities, society and the world… being truly nourished & filled with Wholesome Loving Goodness from the inside out!  My passion for health and experience as a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant has led me to see that many of the imbalances we are faced with in life stem from an imbalance in our food, nutrition and eating approaches. Without the need for complex medicines and therapies ~ simply addressing the basics, such as food & lifestyle can get to the cause of what is going on and create some profound positive changes within that ripple out into our families, relationships, career’s, communities and the world at large.

Lorien is also an ambassador and the Ayurvedic Writer for Australian Yoga Journal Magazine. You can find her monthly recipes and Simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tips in AYJ!


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